Case Studies

Understanding how we can help your business is best illustrated with case studies of the work we have already carried out. 

Case study - Developing a new pay Structure

Your pay structure can be one of the most useful tools you have in your business, or alternatively it can be the most unhelpful. An out of date or under-appreciated pay structure can be fundamental to preventing you from achieving your goals. The lack of a structure can cause confusion and become divisive.

In this case study we consider how RRM Ltd helped our client to develop a more robust pay structure.

Case study - Review of a Bonus Scheme

Bonus schemes have long been the recognised way of incentivising staff to focus on and deliver strategic objectives. However, in the past few years, organisations have sometimes found them difficult to maintain in a cost-conscious climate.

This case study considers how RRM Ltd helped the client decide whether a bonus scheme would be relevant to their organisation and if so, what type of scheme would be most appropriate for them.

Case study - Review of Executive Pay and Reward

Ensuring that your pay for your executives remains both competitive and proportionate to your business is one of the biggest challenges organisations face.

This case study illustrates a typical example of where a client is keen to establish whether their pay and terms are relevant to their business sector.

Case study - Salary Benchmarking

Salary benchmarking is one of the most effective ways of ensuring that your pay is competitive. Knowing that your pay is competitive means that you can respond to employee queries with confidence. However, salary benchmarking is also one of the least followed processes in HR.

A quick sense check of the recruitment websites will tell you what other people are paying for the same job title – but does that mean it is the same job? Is the finance manager of a small housing association doing the same job, and earning the same as the finance manager of a larger manufacturing company? What is the competition like for finance manager posts? What is happening in the economy that will affect our ability to recruit/retain these posts?

Answering these questions for any post you are considering, will help you to identify what your pay issues might be. In this case study we show how we helped our client establish the rate for the job and identify market factors that affected their pay decisions.