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I admit I am a “geek”, an HR professional who likes to work with numbers. I am an MCIPD qualified pay and reward specialist and I have almost 20 years’ experience of making salary structures work.

Recently I have worked as a consultant across a variety of sectors including: aerospace, utilities, housing and social care, media and manufacturing. I work at all levels including executive and remuneration committee support.

Since I discovered in the 80’s that I was closer to retirement than the top of my company’s payscale, I have always been interested in gender pay and the reasons why its exists. This inevitably leads to a focus on fairness and equity, at all levels.

  • Pay and Reward 40% 40%
  • Gender Pay Gap 35% 35%
  • Geek 25% 25%

What you get

Practical advice and support in the design, development and implementation of your pay structures, helping you to link reward and performance management to your wider business strategy.

I have worked in-house and know the issues and concerns you are likely to experience as your project progresses. You have the freedom to think through your ideas in a safe environment, with someone who knows the reality.

The biggest risk an organisation can face is discontent from its employees. Manage the pay, communicate with staff, take away their concerns and they can focus on delivering a good job instead.

Gender pay is a pressing issue in the UK, and this is one issue that will not go away in the short term. Even organisations with a good (low) pay gap may not be aware of their underlying risks. Getting it right depends on good underpinning practices, and carefully developed policies and procedures. With my help, you will be able to identify what your issues are and plan to address them.

Even in the most advanced HR teams, there is often not enough time to audit the policies in practice and this is where my services can help:

– Reviewing reward and compensation strategies

– Job evaluation and market pricing of job roles and terms

– Guidance on benefits and incentive packages

– Implementing performance related pay arrangements

– Delivering training on developing and implementing fair and equitable pay policies

For some examples of how I can help, take a look at my case studies

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